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That obviously didn’t happen, at least in this universe. It’s the rare ernie ball luke family that can call itself middle class with only one wage earner, college is out of the question without going into debt and it looks like you’ll need a masters degree to work in fast food. Retirement? A fantasy for a lot of people. Where has all the free time we were looking forward to gone? In that alternative existence where all the flying cars went?

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The people working in the mills made enough money to grease the ernie ball jp6 wheels of locally owned businesses: we had friends who could afford a new car every two or three years, bought boats, pickups and campers and a color TV when they became available. The owners of the mill didn’t live in our town, but some of the plant managers lived in Lebanon, and contributed to the community in many ways; a little self sustaining economy, all on it’s own.


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