where’s the work on this ernie ball 2220

where’s the work on this ernie ball 2220
Our current predicament is that both these ingredients are ernie ball pure nickel sort of on the short side. The other issue is debt repayment – for those who can afford it. When debt and money collide, money is destroyed

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Don’t suppose I’d get away with That one pager by Marx & Engels ernie ball power peg on this blog – without drawing an encyclicial from Paul Hunt and a belt of the FinFacts Crozier from Michael Hennigan …To have ‘no formal training in economics’ is, imho, a distinct advantage in these times – I commenced me “economics” ‘learning’ in late 2008, much of it on this blog and the rest in the everyday – and as we both may appear to have open minds ……..

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Anything on Hyman Minsky or Kondratiev(?) never mind Marx? What about Irving Fischer? We are in the middle of debt deflation and we allow/justify banks to steal an unprecedented proportion of our future production, where’s the work on this?


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