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One thing is certain, we face a future full of choices. Computers ernie ball pure nickel and automation will continue to reduce the need for certain occupations, and we also may have trouble providing enough traditional “jobs” to keep everyone busy and provide enough income. We get closer and closer to discovering the finite nature of our planet with an economic systems that seems to require perpetual growth.

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Are we to take that this was some sort of anomaly that our country ernie ball power peg can no longer support? Were the 50′s and 60′s mainly due to the fact that our industrial plant was largely intact after WWII? Are we in such a violent competition with the rest of the world that we’ll become slaves to some other country unless we all work as hard as possible from cradle to grave: a world filled with the product of “tiger moms”?

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Just as certain as the fact that we’ve got a lot of “choices” to make is the fact that a return to the industrial paradigm as a way to create is not too unlikely to return any more than the agrarian society of “yeoman farmers” so beloved by the likes of Thomas Jefferson.



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