With their higher output and beefier sound ernie ball strings super slinky

With their higher output and beefier sound ernie ball strings super slinky

The problem w/ Earthwood basses was they were so wide the circulation john petrucci ernie ball to your right hand was cut off,and you couldn’t hear it yourself. Unlike 99% of the later acoustic bass guitars it was actually loud enough to play acoustically w/ other instruments. Ball should have thought more about the way Guitarrons are designed0 the angled back allows the player to have a funtional right hand position,and to hear.

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ernie ball super slinky cobalt

IN A QUEST TO DEVELOP A NEW STRING THAT COULD OUTLAST anything ernie ball super slinky electric guitar strings currently on the market, and perhaps even deliver more clarity and output, the engineers at Ernie Ball turned their attention to a material called maraging steel, which is known for being superior in strength and toughness to regular carbon steel. In fact, maraging steel doesn’t use carbon in its formula, but rather, is an alloy that derives its durability from the precipitation of inter-metallic compounds—the most prominent being nickel, and including cobalt, molybdenum, and titanium.

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With their higher output and beefier sound, the M-Steels would be a great choice for rock and metal, but they also sound cool for blues and country, and could especially benefit players who want more punch from single-coil pickups.


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