Xerox machine when they first came out ernie ball 5 string bass set

Oh yeah and while he was doing this string thing he ernie ball regular slinky string setĀ was also introducing colored guitar picks as the conventional wisdom was that you only could sell tortise shell colored ones. He was teaching like mad. When you took from Ernie Ball and his staff of teachers you always had the top 30 arranged for easy, moderate, and advanced students. It was so unique that my Dad had a Xerox machine when they first came out (pre trademark concern days) and Xerox was so impressed that they did an international ad campaign…print and TV. BIg Time. “IF Ernie Ball’s guitar store can afford a Xerox 813 how expensive can it be?” “About the cost of a dozen guitar picks”, said Ernie.

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ernie ball regular slinky electric guitar strings

From there he beta tested for Leo, became and ernie ball regular slinky guitar stringsĀ endorser and when he got out of the Air Force he became one of the the first Fender dealers. He quickly learned that not everyone shared his passion for Leo’s designs. The first store was a little dump that served as a teaching studio for both guitar and accordian.

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ernie ball regular slinky bass strings




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