Xerox was so impressed that they did an ernie ball bass strings 5

Oh yeah and while he was doing this string ernie ball 2222 thing he was also introducing colored guitar picks as the conventional wisdom was that you only could sell tortise shell colored ones. He was teaching like mad. When you took from Ernie Ball and his staff of teachers you always had the top 30 arranged for easy, moderate, and advanced students. It was so unique that my Dad had a Xerox machine when they first came out (pre trademark concern days) and Xerox was so impressed that they did an international ad campaign…print and TV. BIg Time.

cobalt ernie ball

He had real talent…(it had obviously skipped Pop’s generation) ernie ball 2220 By seventeen myDad was gigging oll over LA and sneaking into clubs to play. when he was eighteen he was on live radio in LA and the radio host came time to introduce my dad and his featured spot and said ” Got a great new star on the Steel Guitar….He goes by Sherwood but his granddaddy was Ernest R. Ball (who was still well known then) But I think Ernie is a better name for this kid….” it stuck….Thats how Ernie Ball came to be.

ball with strings




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